What is ‘Story, Building’?

Founded in 2021 by Emmett Scanlon, Story, Building is an independent platform to advance the critical discussion of architecture.

The platform has three outputs – a podcast, What Buildings Do; an Index (under construction) and a printed journal, also Story, Building.

The platform has five guiding strategies, specifically to –

  1. Create new conditions and trigger new situations for active, informed, and enthusiastic engagement with architecture.
  2. Discuss critically and independently, the practice, processes, and products of contemporary architecture in Ireland.
  3. Explore, map and reveal aspects of the nature and culture of that architecture.
  4. Expand access to the discussion of architecture and the built environment, offering a place for new, diverse voices to contribute to draw a new map of lives lived in the company of buildings
  5. Work with others to develop and support an infrastructure of new voices, writers and actors in the communication of architecture.


Open to new and diverse voices, conversations, and critical perspectives Story, Building aims to explore the value and meaning of architecture in contemporary Ireland. Architecture has been cut adrift from much contemporary discussion. Framed as part of a divisive popular discourse that thrives on click-through headlines and binary, instant-reactions, architecture depends on an  image driven media discourse that celebrates the spectacle and the novel, stripping architecture of its social, spatial, and material agency. Intended for both a public and professional audience, Story, Building will unravel, assess, and redraw the terms and conditions under which architecture (in all its forms, by all its constituents) is produced, used and consumed, its very causes and its effects.

Editorial Team


Emmett Scanlon

Commissioning Editors:

Aisling McCoy
Philip Lawton
Sinéad Burke

Editorial Assistant:

Gary Hamilton

Editorial Advisory:

Adrian Duncan
Ángel Luis González Fernández
Aya Musmar
Beatrice Galilee
David Neustein
Françoise Fromonot
Jane Larmour
Jennifer Jennings
Jos Boys
Marianela d’Aprile
Marwa El Mubark
Philip Oldfield
René Boer
Scott McAulay
Shane O’Toole
Shumi Bose

Journal Design

David Smith | An Atelier Project

Graphic & Web Design:

Eamonn Hall

Story, Building (the print edition) is funded by the Arts Council Under the Architecture Project Award 2022.